About Us

Jewellery Designers and Makers

We are an expert team of jewellery designers and makers.

We founded CAST in 2016, intent on launching an exciting new business which highlighted the design skills and experiences we possessed as a team. We have since hosted CAST events in major cities across the UK and Europe.

We are wholeheartedly passionate about what we do, the products we create and the people we work with.

We have taken a process that was lost within the confines of a dusty old workshop and redefined it in a way that can be enjoyed in some of the world’s most exciting spaces.

Filing down any residual metal after the casting process
Polishing out any imperfections to achieve our world-class finish

Our roots are in Sheffield, and so is our manufacturing.

Pictured below is the building in Sheffield that was once the home of sterling silverware in the 1990’s. It was here that our silversmith Josef learned the tricks of the trade that formed the foundations of CAST.

It was therefore only right that we hosted our very first CAST experience in this same building in 2016.