Alexander Glass

Alexander Glass is a sculptor and installation artist, with a BA Hons Fine Art Sculpture as well as an MA Fine Art Sculpture from the Royal College of Art. Glass is now living and working in London exhibiting his work throughout the UK whilst obtaining prizes such as;

  • The Annex Collection Acquisition Award – Winning Artist April 2017  
  • Catlin Guide 2015 – Selected as one of the top graduating artists of 2015  
  • Broomhill National Sculpture Prize 2014 – ‘Public Speaks’ Prize & ‘Judges Special Commendation’



Where do you find initial inspiration for your creations?

My work generally revolves around the relationship between masculinity and desire, as a result, I look for inspiration in the mainstream media representation of what a man is or what he should want through advertising and social media trends.



When did you discover that you could make a career from a passion?

Studying Fine Art is not always a direct route to having a career as an artist, but leaving further education and leaving Brighton I had a sense of momentum with what I was doing with my artwork and at the same time I had people starting to take notice of what I was doing.



Was it always something you knew you would pursue as a career or was there a specific event that encouraged it?

I found myself being Sculptor as a series of decisions that all felt right at the time. When I first went to art school I had no idea I would end up studying sculpture. Even when I was doing my A-Levels I had no plan to go to study Art, but I was lucky enough to have a teacher who showed me other possibilities for me after school. Now when I’m working in my studio it is just the only way I can see my life being.



What encouraged you to get involved with CAST?

I first got involved with CAST when I wanted to get my partner an anniversary gift. He ended up making his own ring and it being the kind of gift you sort of give yourself, I made my own one too. I really love it as an idea, and since I’ve been working with CAST its been a pleasure coaching people on how to achieve what they design through our waxes.



Currently, what’s going on within your work? Any projects on the go?

I am currently preparing for a two-person show in Brighton which opens on the 28th of July. The show is called ideal-I and is a collaboration between the Artist James William Murray and myself. The show is really shaping up to be a beautiful combination between our seductive and minimal imagery and focuses on the men’s relationship with their self-image.



What is a form of inspiration you have used that is not art/design related?

Superheroes, I am a big fan of superheroes. I really enjoy the modern mythos of fantasy fiction and what it says about our culture and our aspirations. This feeds into my artwork more and more frequently.



How do you connect your own personal work and influence with what we do at CAST?

Casting is a big part of how I make my artwork and the process of lost wax casting (beginning to end) is something that I have been working with for the past year. Creating my waxes – to pouring the molten metal. So, I have a strong understanding and relationship of the whole process and this makes me excited to explain to our guests how it works and to show what’s possible through what we do.



What have been some favourite recent projects/clients/collaborations?

I’ve Just been working in the home city of CAST in Sheffield with the gallery Bloc Projects. I am the most recent artist to work on their billboard commission which launched on July 6th and is up until September. It was a lot of fun and as I don’t usually work in 2-D a bit of a challenge for me. I’m very happy with the result, blueprints & sweat.



So, if we say a year from now, what’s the vision?

I’ve been offered some pretty great opportunities this year, so I hope that this time next year the work that I’m making as an artist will be growing in its ambition and accomplishment.

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