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do what you love.

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Earn extra income

Top up your income or replace your entire salary! Your earning potential can be as ambitious as you choose to be.


Be your own boss

Total flexibility is such an amazing thing. Choose your hours, work from home or on the go. It’s up to you.


Exciting Opportunity

Be part of an exciting, highly ambitious, young company. Join our growing community of partners shaking up the experiences market !!

Organise and run your own CAST events! Get paid to make people smile.

We have turned a ‘nice idea’ and an interesting ‘making process’, into an exciting, ambitious, profitable business venture. We have built a sustainable business, through collaboration with local people and businesses. We gained traction quickly, through consistency, and the support from the city community.

There are like-minded people in all cities, who are keen either to team up on a public event, organise a private event at their workplace or home, or simply come along to your event as a customer. This means, that outside of your immediate network, there is a wealth of opportunity; customers, businesses, venues and brands to work with.

We’ll give you the keys, and the support, to run your own enterprise. Become empowered business leaders, meet new people, work with local businesses, learn and have fun with the making process, and get paid to do so. Winning no?

sound like fun?

We think so too! to get started, and learn more about the opportunity. Just click the messenger link below to get started.

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Unfortunately, in order for us to take you through our partner induction, Facebook Messenger is required. We strongly believe that social media plays a huge role in the success of events, so we encourage its use at all opportunities. You can create an account on Facebook here: