CAST Love Stories: Pat & Allie

Pat and Allie joined us in the studio back in July, for a delightful afternoon making their wedding rings. We caught up with them following their stunning wedding last week in the USA.

Their wedding day shots may cause a tidal wave of beautiful elopements… Serious heart eyes.

We would love a little insight into your love story… How, where, and when did you guys meet?

In New Hampshire, USA in 2014. Patrick was working a wedding before travelling across the USA. Allie was a guest at her best friend’s wedding. They met for 48 hours and again a year later when Allie moved to Paris. The rest is history as they say…

Tell us about your proposal, did it all go according to ‘plan’?!

There wasn’t a plan per se. Allie, however, was adamant she was hungry and tried to walk away from “the spot”.

What’s your favourite all-time memory together?

Our first weekend in Paris when we spent time together properly for the first time.

How did you first hear about CAST and what sealed the deal when choosing to make your rings with us?

I met the CAST team at a work event and loved the concept. Allie is creative and I thought she’d love designing her own jewelry… well mine it turned out to be.

Did you make each other’s wedding rings? If so, serious respect!

Yes. There were trust issues at first but we impressed one another. They turned out really well!

What was the inspiration behind your rings?

Modern classics. Allie’s mum wears a 6mm gold band. We took the concept and added a modern touch.

Which precious metal did you go for and did you go for any upgrades? (Stone settings, engraving…)

We melted down 18k Welsh Gold rings from within the family and repurposed them for our rings.

Would you recommend CAST bespoke wedding rings to friends or family who are planning a wedding?

Absolutely. It takes a certain trust and patience but it was well worth it.

Has Covid affected your wedding plans? If so, do you have any advice for couples facing similar difficulties?

Allie lives in the USA and me in the UK. Covid resulted in the cancellation of our first wedding date. With stricter border measures coming into place we had to take our opportunities. I travelled to Turkey to exit the UK for 14 days to skirt around USA border restrictions. After US interrogations and strict searches, I finally entered the States and got married 5 days later… to leave 5 days later.

What does the future hold for you guys?

We hope to be reunited in the UK after visa applications and a trans-Atlantic move. After that, I think we’ll just enjoy each others’ company.

Last but not least… We ask all our couples if they’d like to share their defining tracks to add to our CAST playlist. What’s your…

Ultimate date night jam – Francis and the Lights, May I Have This Dance

Road trip anthem – Bob Seger, Night Moves

Interested in finding out a little more about CAST bespoke wedding rings? Head over to our wedding page for more lovely details and to make an enquiry!

Huge thanks to Pat and Allie for chatting to us, wishing you both all the best for the future.

Photography | Kelsey Converse

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