CAST Love Stories: Sam and Sian

Sam and Sian tied the knot in July 2023 after making their Wedding Rings at the CAST Studio in Sheffield a few weeks before. Here’s their Love Story!

When did you meet?

We unknowingly met in September 2013 in a Japanese class in our first year at the University of Leeds. We then reconnected in the summer of May 2017 in a bar in Headingley, Leeds.

The First Date

Our first date was in a small bar in Headingley. It was one of those times where time seemed to stand still. We talked all evening and before we knew it, it was last orders and we were getting ushered out of the bar! We both distinctly remember the very early 00s playlist and bonded over our shared love of music and films.

Sam & Sian selfie
Sam & Sian's first photo together. Light Night, Leeds

Who said ‘I love you’ first?

Sam! We were both feeling a similar way but it was Sam who made the brave first move. We both think it was our third date that we knew we had something special and to be honest, we were pretty inseparable after that!

The Proposal

Sam had initially wanted to propose during a planned trip to Stockholm in March 2020, however, due to the pandemic this put a stop to the plan. Instead, he chose a really special moment during a visit to Tate Modern on 3 June 2021 (over a year since his initial plan!). Knowing Sian was a huge Yayoi Kusama fan, he planned the proposal during a walk-through of the Infinity Room. It was a really special moment shared between the two of us, and to quote the Tate “Kusama inspired infinite happiness!”

Sam and Sian at the Light Night

Most memorable moment together?

Apart from our wonderful Wes Anderson-themed Wedding Day on 16 July 2023, we’d both say our trip to Iceland was definitely one of our highlights. We had such an incredible time sightseeing, but to top it off, we stayed in the luxury Retreat Hotel which is based at the Blue Lagoon. We both didn’t want to leave for our flight!

A moment from your Wedding Day that you’ll never forget?

We had such a wonderful time at our wedding, it’s hard to pick one moment!

One thing that stood out for both of us was reading our vows, it felt like time had stopped and despite being in a room of 80+ people, it felt like it was just us. We both distinctly remember holding hands to help calm our nerves and it was just a really lovely moment we were able to share with each other.

Describe your relationship in one word


We love being around each other and share a similar sense of humour, fun and goals in life. We’re each other’s biggest supporter and best friend.

What do you love most about each other?

Sam: loves Sian’s ability to brighten every day with her sense of humour and even her stubbornness (a blessing and a curse), her tastes in music and films and the ability to text back within 0.5 seconds of receiving any given message.

Sian: loves Sam’s inherent kindness, his cheeky smile and his high-pitched laugh when he finds anything even remotely amusing. Then his ability to cheer meup at any point when I’m feeling down.

Why did you decide to make your own Wedding Rings?

It felt right to us to make the rings feel more personal and just to create something different to those that you could find in the shops! Sam has never worn any rings or jewellery, so creating the rings made it feel more personal to him and even better that we could add matchy-matchy touches to them!

What inspired your Wedding Ring designs?

We knew we’d go for chunkier style rings, something simple but with added touches that felt personal to us. We added small stars onto each of our rings that were inspired by on of our favourite films, Howl’s Moving Castle. Then, Sian wanted ring to fit nicely wit the engagement ring, so being able to personalise the design at each step was really important to us and just made them all the more special to us!

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What did you enjoy most about the CAST experience?

We really loved the overall vibe of the experience, it was really intimate and friendly. We felt instantly at ease in the workshop, despite never making any jewellery or doing a workshop like this before! The workshop lead was really informative and was both able to support us, but equally, gave us the time and space to spend the time together making our rings.

Describe your Studio experience in one word


It was such a wonderful experience and we’ll really cherish the memories of making our rings, we honestly wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. During our wedding ceremony, we had a ring warming ceremony which involved our wedding rings being passed around the entirety of our wedding guests to provide us with well wishes and good thoughts, all whilst our celebrant went through her script for our ceremony.

The rings then made their way back to us for our vows. All of our guests commented on how different and thought-out this was and more so because we’d made our own rings! We received lots of compliments throughout the day.


What are you most looking forward to together?

We’re looking forward to more fun-filled days and building on our great foundation and making the house we bought, a home, including getting a dog at some point!

We’re looking forward to trips we’ve been planning for a long time, including Japan and Mexico and overall just finding new ways to appreciate and love one another, growing into the best versions of ourselves.


So there you have Sam & Sian’s gorgeous #LoveStory.

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