Get to know CAST


“CAST is a completely unique experience.”


Our team is made up of talented and experienced members with specific design skills. Founding directors, brothers James, former Sheffield Wednesday player and Luke Cottingham who graduated from SAE Institute Oxford with a First in BA Honours Audio Engineering have built CAST up as a reputable and unique company in a mere two years since its founding in 2016. As for the team, CAST employs experienced and passionate designers and makers whose expertise have created ‘a process that was lost within the confines of a dusty old workshop and redefined it in a way that can be enjoyed in some of the world’s most exciting spaces’.



“We took the process of jewellery making out of the warehouse and made it into an event to be enjoyed by guests.”


The initial innovation to create CAST began with James and Luke’s menswear fashion and unisex jewellery brand, SGRSKL and alexander joshua, which they wanted to redefine with the intent to enter the competitive market of retail. Brainstorming began with the question of, “how can we introduce jewellery in an innovative way to a retail space?”.

Sticking to our Sheffield roots CAST was soon after formed and trialled at what was once the home of sterling silverware in the 1990’s where our silversmith Josef learned the tricks of the trade that formed the foundations of CAST. This first event lead to an instant attraction amongst guests due to the originality of the events which quickly allowed CAST to become an independent business allowing us to continue breaking down the conformities of retail brands today.


“An unparalleled opportunity to design and create bespoke jewellery pieces at tailored private and corporate events.”


In regards to future plans we at CAST are always busy planning our next conquest whilst constantly expanding the business with the intention to allow as many people as possible to experience a CAST event. This would entail the creation of personal and bespoke jewellery with no boundaries or limitations for guests. Of course this will be accompanied with illustrious food and beverages, inspiring company within exclusive venues. We want to share this experience with people across the world and tackle the international retail market with our exclusive events, showcasing individual style.