New Kit Drop: Today’s the day!

A Day of Endless Possibilities

We’ve redesigned, refined and condensed CAST kits to be one glorious standalone, unlimited possibilities, bespoke jewellery making kit. Needless to say, we’re over the moon to share this with you! 

Creative freedom, in your hands

The new kit is equipped with versatile tools, a selection of shaped wax, design and process guidance and those all important need-to-knows. Basically, we’re putting creative freedom into your hands, with excellent support on tap to help you explore the possibilities and make totally unique, show-stopping jewellery.

So, what’s new?

You can now replenish wax as regularly as you wish, in all shapes and sizes. Wax comes in standard ring, circle, square and bar shapes, as well as in sheet wax and softer (plasticine-like) chunks. This gives you the opportunity to experiment, time and time again.

You’ll also be able to track the casting journey! We’ll update you as your creation moves through each major manufacturing milestone .. We are over the moon and stars with this new kit! We’ve been up with larks and burning the midnight oil putting this together, and we cannot wait to now share this ancient process, through our lens!

“Where the hell do I start?!”

We hear you! With boundless possibilities, it’s hard to know where to begin. Behind the scenes we’re developing a whole host of incredible support material, helping you get the best out of your kit. We’ll ping you how-to guides to help develop skills and techniques, trend stories and inspiration to help you get started and develop your own style.

Our aim

Our aim is to give you the tools, guidance and inspiration to create beautiful and totally bespoke jewellery time and time again. Mini medallions, the perfect pinky ring, statement earrings, whatever your style, you’ll want to make, make and make some more!

Made by you! 

At CAST HQ, we’re continually wowed by your creations. The best bit? No 2 pieces are the same. There’s no wrong or right way to create – that’s all part of the fun! 

We’re so excited to welcome you to CAST and share this ancient process with you, through our lens!

Massive thanks to the following creatives and brands who have contributed to the launch of our glorious new kits, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Jack Austen

Jump North

Sheffield Hallam

GF Smith Paper

Jodie Roy

Josh Fryer a.k.a. Speilberg 

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