5 Unique Ways To Personalise Your Wedding Rings

Firstly, a huge congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Planning a wedding is a joyous journey, and one of the most symbolic elements of this celebration is, undoubtedly, the wedding rings.

Here at Ceremony by CAST, we understand the significance of these symbols of your love and thrive on helping couples create unique, one-of-a-kind wedding rings, bursting with their personality. The beauty of making your bands yourself is that you have the freedom to personalise your Wedding Rings in so many different ways. From adding your partner’s fingerprints on the inside of your band to creating textures on the outside, this blog discusses five unique ways to personalise your Wedding Rings, ensuring they become cherished pieces that reflect your individuality and love story.

Fingerprints: a touch of uniqueness

Your love story is one of a kind, and what better way to symbolise it than with your fingerprints? At Ceremony by CAST, we offer the option to incorporate your fingerprints into the design of your wedding rings. This is without a doubt one of my favourite additions you can add to your Wedding Rings and arguably the most personal way to customise your rings.

Adding each other’s fingerprints to your Wedding Ring is just the most special idea and means you’ll always keep your loved one close to you.

Whether on the inside or outside, it’s a beautiful feature to add to personalise your wedding rings that you physically cannot get when opting to buy your wedding rings on the high street.

When creating your rings with us at Ceremony by CAST, you’ll design and handcraft in jeweller wax and we’ll then cast your designs in the base metal of your choice (solid Silver, Gold or Platinum). If you opt to add each other’s fingerprints, after sizing the wax ring shapes to fit you, you’ll heat each piece for a few seconds before imprinting your fingerprints on the inside of the wax band to make the impression. Your prints will then be visible once your rings have been cast in metal.

If you want to keep it subtle, you can leave it at that. However, if you’d like your prints to be more pronounced, oxidising the fingerprint can add definition to the lines. Check out Sarah and Steve’s gorgeous oxidised fingerprint rings here!

This personal touch not only adds a unique and meaningful element but also serves as a constant reminder of your connection and commitment to each other. Imagine wearing a tangible piece of each other’s unique imprint, a subtle yet powerful testament to your shared bond. It is, without a doubt, our favourite way to personalise your wedding rings and add an extra dose of sentimentality to such an important piece of jewellery.

Adding Texture

If you want to steer clear of the plain, polished and traditional-looking wedding bands often found in high-street stores and jewellers, then why not add some texture to your rings? One of the best things about making your own rings is that you have endless design possibilities to choose from to personalise your wedding rings.

Adding texture is a great way to reflect your personality in your wedding ring. Whether you like to keep things simple and want a more subtle texture to your rings, or you love lots of extra details and want your wedding ring to be a statement, making your own rings is the best way to add your own personal touch. As well as this, you have total creative freedom. Let’s take a look at some examples!

Infuse a touch of rustic charm into your wedding rings by opting for a hammered texture, one of the most popular textures (and surprisingly easy to create). This technique not only adds a unique visual appeal but also symbolises the strength and resilience of your relationship. Each hammer mark tells a story, creating a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects the journey you’ve embarked on together. The hammered texture adds a tactile element to your rings and signifies the ups and downs that have shaped your love story, creating a timeless and enduring symbol of your commitment to each other.

Check out Jason and Jenni’s textured wedding rings below. They both created a hammered effect to personalise their wedding rings, but opted for slightly different styles. The texture on Jenni’s band is softer and more subtle in comparison to Jason’s which has much deeper indentations. No matter what style you opt for, each individual mark is made by you which makes them entirely unique as well as being a fun way to personalise your wedding rings.

Looking for something more organic? Check out Helena and Dan’s personalised wedding rings, crafted from home using our Wedding Ring Kit.

For different examples of just what is possible with Ceremony by CAST, take a look at the images below and feel free to check out our Pinterest board for inspo!

Internal Engravings

Keep your love story private but close to your heart with an internal engraving. Internal engravings are one of the most popular ways to personalise your wedding rings, whether buying your rings off the shelf or making your own.

You can choose a special date, a meaningful phrase, or even a secret code that only the two of you understand. Our skilled designers at Ceremony by CAST can help you add these sentiments inside your rings, creating a discreet and intimate connection that only you and your partner share.

Internal engraving on wedding ring of mountain ridge

The example above shows a beautiful solid rose gold wishbone wedding ring. This is an internal engraving of a mountain ridge where the couple got engaged. A beautiful, yet hidden detail and such a special engrvaing that reflects the couple’s story and journey together.

The beauty of internal engraving lies in its subtlety, allowing you to carry your private expressions of love with you, wherever you go. Whether you want to engrave the date of your wedding, each other’s initials or a word, the options to personalise your wedding rings with an internal engraving are endless.

Take a look below for some examples of internal engravings to see just how you can personalise your wedding rings!

External Engravings + Etchings

Share your love story with the world by opting for external engravings to personalise your wedding rings. Although less common than engravings on the inside of your bands, external engravings are a beautiful way to add extra detail to an otherwise simple and plain wedding ring.

When opting to make your rings with Ceremony by CAST, you have total creative freedom. From meaningful quotes to coordinates of a special place, the possibilities are endless! External engravings allow you to transform your wedding rings into tiny canvases, capturing the essence of your journey together and your story so far.

For example, Bekki and Paul made their Wedding Rings at home with our Wedding Ring Kit and Bekki opted to etch some detail on the outside of her band. Bekki engraved the branches from the Paraguayan flag onto the outside of her ring to represent Paul’s heritage. A beautiful way to personalise her wedding ring and a physical representation and reflection of her life partner’s journey and how they now share this story in marriage. Take a look at their Platinum wedding rings here!

No matter what you decide, personalising your wedding rings with external engravings can turn your rings into wearable works of art that tell your story to the world.

Take a look at some examples below!

Adding Stones

Adding stones to your bands is a really popular design and a dazzling way to personalise your wedding rings.

Elevate your wedding rings by incorporating precious or semi-precious stones. You could choose stones that hold sentimental value, like your wedding month, or ones that align with your birth months. Our experts at Ceremony by CAST will help you select stones that complement your design, adding a pop of colour and significance to your rings. If you opt to add multiple stones, each stone becomes a unique chapter in your love story, making your wedding rings a symbol of commitment as well as a visual representation of the vibrant and colourful life you plan to share together.

You can add stones on the outside or even the inside of your bands if you want them to be hidden. At Ceremony by CAST, we have a wide range of stones to choose from, including precious, semi-precious and birthstones! Take a look at exactly what’s available here.

Check out some of our wonderful couples’ designs below!

So there you have five unique ways to personalise your wedding rings!

Ever thought about making yours before or have we piqued your interest? We’d LOVE to help you bring your dream wedding rings to life so check out just what’s possible with Ceremony by CAST or get in touch to enquire now!

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