The Perfect CAST Experience

So, you’ve received your glorious new CAST kit. You’ve scoured our inspo pages and bursting with idea’s…

Take a peek at our top tips on how to curate the ultimate CAST experience at home… 

  • Sharpie, pencil & sketchbook
  • Handy inspiration on an ipad or laptop – head to our Pinterest & CAST tutorials to help get started
  • Objects to inspire – texture & form 
  • Plenty of wax (hit us up if you need a top up!)
  • Couple of tea lights to heat up your tools
  • Bottle of something delightfully chilled, ready to quaff…
  • A mega playlist – our current fav is Independent Ladies
  • Tasty snacks to keep creativity levels topped up!

Horray! You’re all set for an absolutely fantastic CAST making sesh! 

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