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Treat your team or your partners to an exciting and immersive platform on which to socialise in a new and stimulating way.

CAST is more than simply creating jewellery. The experience inspires creativity, rewards boldness, challenges individuals and above all, it brings people together. We are strong believers that creativity is born out of social interaction.

We designed CAST for people to learn new skills whilst creating lasting memories and to socialise in a new and stimulating way. Guests can engage with one another, free from outside-world social and digital distractions.

CAST is a completely unique experience. We think you’ll love it!

The CAST Experience is totally unique. One that you and your guests will not forget.

Team Building

We love providing the CAST experience to companies looking to treat their staff or clients. CAST is a fantastic tool for getting people working together and communicating.

Guests will see their project through from start to finish, designing their creation on paper before carving it in wax and then making the decision about how it should be finished.

Once finished, all the jewellery pieces can be sent to your office in bespoke boxes with your company logo so that you and your team can enjoy the unboxing together.

Corporate Networking

We have found that focusing whilst making with your hands is highly conducive for conversation. CAST makes for an excellent networking activity between you and your clients and because of this, we like to get people moving around the room, sharing what they’ve been working on with others.


We provide end to end event management. A fully bespoke CAST event is flexible to you and your team.

Tell us what you’d like and we’ll do the rest.

We offer a fully integrated service to organise bespoke CAST experiences, coordinating everything from the venue to special catering.

Design a CAST experience to your requirements alongside our team. Utilise our extensive network of restaurants and luxury venues across the UK.

“A collaborative and creative evening unlike any we have been involved with. We must do this again”

– Luke French
Head Chef & Co-Owner of Jöro Restaurant

We’ve worked with some incredible people.

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