Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cast in solid gold, and how much does it cost?

We can cast your jewellery piece in any solid precious metal you’d like, that includes any carat of gold and platinum.

As standard, everything we cast is made using solid 925 sterling silver, however, this can be changed to different base precious metals during the submission stage. You would simply select a base metal from our list of options.


How much does it cost?

The price of the upgrade depends entirely on the weight of the wax that you have made. We do it like this so that you pay a fair and accurate price that reflects exactly what you created. To arrive at a ballpark figure, our prices are usually slightly cheaper than something similar in size and weight that you would find at a high street jeweller.

We measure the weight of your wax to the nearest 000th of a gram. If you have a precise pair of scales, you can arrive at a rough estimate in cost by clicking the ‘Estimate Price’ link below the base metal selection on the submission form (


How does it work / how do I pay?

The process is simple! When you’re ready to return your wax to us:

  1. Complete the submission form. Under the section ‘Base Metal’, select your chosen base metal.
  2. Pay your base metal upgrade deposit at the end of the form.
  3. When we receive your wax, we will weigh it and provide you with a full price via email
  4. If you are happy, follow the payment link to confirm.
  5. We’ll take care of the rest!
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