Frequently Asked Questions

I broke my wax, how can I fix it?

If you broke your wax, don’t worry! The beauty of working in our specialist jewellers wax is that repairs and mistakes can be fixed and smoothed so you would never know there was a break.

The principle is really simple; wax can be heated and literally stuck back together. The best technique for repairing your wax is to heat some wax (the bar wax is best) over a candle to the point where it is dripping. Then, blob some wax into the space between the break. You can see exactly how this is done in the video below.


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Important notes
  • The wax is very hot! Please be careful not to get any on your skin. If you do, rinse under a cold tap.
  • The wax cools quicker than you’d think. So you only have a couple of seconds to blob your wax into the break before the wax starts to set.
  • If the wax starts to set, the blobbed wax won’t stick and will have to try again.
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