Frequently Asked Questions

The wax ring mould in my kit doesn’t fit

If the wax ring size doesn’t fit, don’t worry, there are a few options to fix this.


1. Order more wax

If you happen to know your ring size, you can order more wax from here: It’s super cheap, simple and easy! You can find your specific ring size by popping to any jewellery store and asking to measure your ring size.

If you do not know your ring size, use our helpful ring size guide online to find your closest size. You could follow step 2 to resize your own wax so that it fits you perfectly! You can find our size guide here:


2. Resize your wax

If your ring wax is a little too tight, we have a great technique for resizing it yourself using the sandpaper in your kit. Just follow this quick tutorial below to resize your wax size up. As the size during the casting process doesn’t change, if it fits you when you send it back to us, it will fit you when we return it to you.

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