Abstract Hoops

  • Casting Type The Double Luxe
  • Difficulty Moderate
  • Time 2 hours

Hoops are a timeless style staple in any jewellery collection.

From the mini-hoop, with guaranteed chic factor, to shoulder-grazing party hoops, they’re versatile, varied and that’s why we love them!

Step 1

Getting started

Using your sharpie, draw out a rough circle. This will act as your hoop template.

Tip – draw around a £2 coin, directly on to your glossy mag.

Step 2

Heat the wax

Heat up your bar wax over a tealight for a couple of seconds (watch your fingers, it gets pretty hot!) and then carefully drip the liquid wax around the black sharpie line.

Step 3

Drip the wax

Repeat the process until you have a complete circle, you may want to repeat this to strengthen the wax.

You have creative license to drip more wax for a chunkier hoop, just bear in mind that the wax will be much heavier once cast in metal.

Step 4

Lift the wax

Once your wax has cooled, (only take a few seconds), you need to lift your design off the magazine. It should peel off nice and easily. You can always use your gold file to help lift it.

Step 5

Flip and repeat

Then flip your wax hoop so the flat side faces up, then repeat the process to give your design a 3d quality. We recommend building up the hoop slightly more than you want the finished piece to look, as we’ll be sanding back the shape slightly to finish up.

Step 6

Adding shape

You may need to hold your design whilst adding to it. Don’t worry about the stringy blobby wax bits, we’ll tidy those bits up next.

Step 7

Carve away

You may well have blobs of wax or stingy bits from the melting process, you can use your knife to very carefully carve away these bits.

Note – make sure you click your knife out 4 notches and then lock the blade by sliding down the small black notch.

Step 8

Refine the shape

Now, it’s time to tidy up and polish your wax hoop. Start with the red sandpaper. The idea is to maintain the lovely abstract texture you’ve created, whilst smoothing out any sharp or unsightly bits of wax from the melting process.

Step 9

Flash the wax

A handy trick for smoothing texture is to move your wax (very quickly) through the flame. You’ll need to be very careful not to melt your design so speed is of the essence.

If you’re unsure, watch our quick tutorial on ‘flashing the wax’ for a quick run through on how to nail this technique.

Step 10

Final touches

To indicate the exact point you would like us to attach the earring post, simply dot with a sharpie.

You also have the option of either creating another hoop using the same method, giving you a lovely mismatched feel… Or we can simply duplicate this design for an identical pair of hoops.

Step 11

Submit your earrings

The final step is to submit your creation for casting! You can choose to cast in solid silver, add gold plating, diamonds… whatever you wish!

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