Bamboo Hoops

  • Casting Type The Double Luxe
  • Difficulty Moderate
  • Time 1 hour 30 minutes

There’s no end to our obsession with hoops!

We love the bamboo-inspired detail on these stud hoops. Make one and we duplicate for a perfect pair or go slightly off-piste with two individual designs for that totally unique vibe.

Step 1

Getting started

You’ll need two 4mm ring waxes to use as the base for your hoops – or just one if you intend on duplicating your design for a perfectly matching set.

First off, take your sharpie and draw a line, roughly halfway between the inside and outside of the ring back, in a ‘C’ shape.

Step 2

Ring wax into hoop!

The next step is to sand your wax from the inside of the ring, up to the sharpie guideline.

Rip off a strip from your red sandpaper and roll into a tube, then pop it into the ring wax hole.

Step 3

Sand away

Once you’ve put your rolled-up sandpaper in the ring hole, let it go so loosens. Then rotate, carefully sanding away the inside of the wax mould, until you reach the guideline.

This is the same technique we use to resized ring waxes so take a quick look at our resizing tutorial for more guidance.

It may take a little time to work your way to the guideline so be patient, it’ll be worth it!

Step 4

Sand to the guideline

Once you’ve sanded to your guideline, your design should start to look like this.

Sometimes, between sanding, melting, and sharpie lines, you may get a bit grubby, but that’s all part of the fun!

Step 5

Duplicate the process

At this point, you can either decide to create one hoop earring and we’ll duplicate your design for a perfect pair, or make two individual earrings. We’re all about the mismatched earrings so we’re making two individual pieces!

Step 6

Smooth the curve

Before we add detail, take your gold file and smooth away any marks or scratches on the curve of the wax, this will give a more polished finish once your design is cast.

Step 7

Smooth the sides

Complete the smoothing process with the yellow sandpaper. Lay it flat on your cutting mat or magazine and move your wax in a circular motion. This will remove any imperfections in the wax, again to achieve that polished finish.

Step 8

Plan the detail

Lay your hoop flat and mark 4 dots, equidistance apart. This will guide you when applying the detail with your tools.

Step 9

Repeat the process

If you’re making 2 separate earrings, repeated the 4 dot guides on both earrings, on both sides.

Step 10

Get creative with your tools

There’s no rule book on how to use your tools. They’re versatile and hard-wearing so don’t be afraid to experiment with them.

To achieve the semi-circular groove effect, we’re heating up the neck of the spoon tool. Hold it over a tealight for roughly 5 seconds. Be careful, your tools can heat up quickly so make sure your hand is a safe distance away.

If you’re unsure of how much pressure to apply, try testing the process on a spare piece of wax first.

Step 11

Making an impression

Now that your tool is heated, place the neck horizontally across your design at the marked spots. Your tool will be very hot, and will melt the wax quickly so be careful to only apply gentle pressure.

Step 12

Check the detail

As you start to apply the detail with your steel tool, keep checking on the depth. If it’s too shallow, heat your tool and go again. The idea is to add this bamboo-groove textured on each side to be sure not to press to hard and make the grooves very deep. 

As always, our design guides and just guides, feel free to go off-piste and add your own spin! 

Step 13

Add detail to both sides of your hoops

Repeat the process and add heated detail to each guide spot, on both sides of your design. By heating the wax, you may notice small bits of melted wax appear, these should be easily removed by hand or smoothed with your gold file.

Step 14

The final touch

Once you’re happy with your hoops, and files away any melted wax or stringy bits, you’ll need to let us know exactly where you want your earring posts to be fixed. Use your sharpie to mark a black dot on the end of your hoop earring as below.

Step 15

Submit your earrings

The final step is to submit your creation for casting! You can choose to cast in solid silver, add gold plating, diamonds, a chain… whatever you wish!

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