Hammered Hoops

  • Casting Type The Double Luxe
  • Difficulty Moderate
  • Time 1 hour

The hoop is an underrated all-rounder.

Be it a small understated sleeper by day, and a larger, more outr√© design for evening, It’s the only earring that works for every personal style and all occasions. The hammered hoop applies a super simple texture to a classic shape.

Step 1

Draw out your guideline

You’ll need a 4mm ring wax for this design guide. This will be the base of your hoop design. You have the option of either creating two entirely different pieces (an imperfect pair) or you can simply create one earring which we’ll duplicate for a perfect pair.

Start by using a sharpie to mark out your guideline. This will help you keep to the desired shpe easily.

Step 2

Roll up and sand away

In order to create a slimmer hoop shape, you’ll need slim down the wax from the inside out by using this simple technique. Roll up your red sandpaper and pop it through your ring mould. Release the sandpaper so it slightly unravels, the turn the wax back and forth. Keep this going until you’re 3-4mm from your guideline.

Step 3

Getting there…

After a short time using your red sandpaper, your basic hoop shape should start to take shape.

Step 4

Complete the circle

Now it’s time to complete your circle shape. Lay your red sandpaper flat and start sanding the squared-off wax section, right up to the black guideline.

Step 5

Taking shape

Well done, you’re hoop is now taking shape and should start to look like this.

Step 6

Mark out your hoop shape

The next step is to remove a small section of your wax circle, which will create your hoop earring shape.

Step 7

Heat your knife

Sometimes it’s easier to cut through your wax, especially delicate areas with a heated knife. It’s really important that you take extra care here, the knife is super sharp and will get very hot when held in the flame.

Step 8

Slowly, slowly.

Use your heated knife to cut across your 2 sharpie guidelines. The blade should glide through easily. Don’t worry if your blade is blackened by the flame, you can carefully wipe it clean.

Step 9

Hello hoopy!

Now you’ve taken out the small portion of your circle shape, it should start to look like a hoop earring. Don’t worry if you have a couple of stringy bits from using your heated knife, we’ll tidy those up when applying the hammered texture.

Step 10

Adding hammered texture

We love this technique. If you’d like to see a more detailed tutorial of this process, head over to our quick tutorials.

The idea is to take very small, shallow chunks from the surface of your design. This will give a hammered texture. Also, by using the knife it will create a super smooth surface which looks great once cast and polished.

Step 11

Taking your time

Ensure your wax hoop is carefully textured across the entire surface. One end of the hoop will need to remain flat so we can easily attach an earring post. The other end may be slightly tapered if you wish.

Step 12

And finally…

Use your sharpie to add a black dot to the flat end of your hoop. This is where we will attach the earring post and butterfly back.

You can now go again and created another unique earring using the same process, or simply let us know that you’d like us to cast a duplicate pair!

Step 13

Submit your earring

The final step is to submit your creation for casting! You can choose to cast in solid silver, add gold plating, diamonds… whatever you wish!

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