Molten Diamond Ring

  • Casting Type The Classic
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Time 30 minutes

Now, this one is just a little bit special. And surprisingly simple to create.

We are huge fans of the molten technique, once cast and polished it look unbelievable! Add diamonds for the perfect modern wedding or engagement ring. DREAMY!

Step 1

Getting started

Before getting started, make sure your wax ring mould fits you well. If you need any help on this take a look at this quick tutorial to show you how to resize the wax.

First off, take your sharpie and draw a sharpie line close to the inner circle of your ring wax. This ring design is pretty slim, so keep it roughly 2-3mm deep. This sharpie line will act as a guide whilst sanding your ring in to shape.

Step 2

Sand, sand, and sand some more!

Place your red sandpaper flat on your cutting mat, then sand your wax ring mould up to the guideline. This will take a little effort but it’s the quickest way to shape your wax. Get sanding!

Step 3

Getting there…

Whilst you’re sanding, keep a close eye on where your guideline is. Check your progress every so often to make sure you’re on track.

Step 4

Looking good!

Once you’ve sanded your heart out, your ring should start take shape. Don’t worry if it’s looking a little rough, we’re going to be adding texture which will disguise any unsightly bits.

Just another reason why we love the molten texture so much!

Step 5

Now for the fun part

This has to be one of our favourite techniques. Molten texture looks incredible once cast in metal!

First off, use a tealight to heat your tool up. You can use any of the steel tools for this. Hold it in the flame for roughly 5 seconds.

Step 6

Applying molten texture

Use your heated tool to glide gently across the surface of the wax. You’ll need to keep holding your tool in the flame and back onto the wax

Step 6

Flash and refine

You’ll probably find you have some stray and stringy bits of wax from using your heated tool. Worry not, we have a super simple trick for getting rid of those bits and smoothing the surface of your design.

Grab some tweezers and flash your molten ring design through the flame really quickly, so it bearly touches the flame. You need to be really careful not to hold your ring in the flame as it will totally melt it!

If you haven’t already taken a peek already, head over to our ‘Flashing the wax’ tutorial for extra guidance.

Step 7

Add a little sparkle

Add some ethical sparkle to your design! We opted for classic diamonds, ethically sourced and conflict-free.

All you need to do is mark a dot with a sharpie where you would like your stone(s) to be set. If you’ve used techniques that have blackened your wax design, don’t worry! Either make a mark with the end of your gold file or better still use a metalic/white chalk pen to mark the spot.

You can always pop an extra note in with your casting to support your design.

If you’d like a like little more guidance on this, head over to our stone setting tutorial.

Step 8

Submit your ring

The final step is to submit your creation for casting! You can choose to cast in solid silver, add gold plating, diamonds… whatever you wish!

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  • Vic

    I have a platinum ring which was given to me – it doesn’t fit – by a long way – its a mens thick platinum wedding band – so its not a case of having it resized. I would like to do something with it rather than have it sat in a box forever. I thought that maybe I could create a new ring from it (its a big plain band). Can you create things from supplied base metal?


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