Lava Pyramid Pendant

  • Casting Type The Classic
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Time 30 minutes

We love a classic geometric design, especially with this beautiful texture!

Although this is a pretty simple piece, you’ll pick up some great techniques which are easily applied to other designs. This little beauty was cast in solid silver and plated with yellow gold, finished with a fine gold chain. Understated perfection!

Step 1

Getting started

You’ll need your rectangle-shaped wax for this design. Use your sharpie and mark on a simple triangle guideline. We tried to keep it equilateral but feel free to go off-piste with your shape, we always encourage using creative license!

As with all our design guides, you can follow step by step or take inspiration to create your very own masterpiece, your own way. 

Step 2

Slim down

The beauty of this design is, it’s simple, classic and understated. You’ll need to reduce the depth of your design and the easiest way to do this is by laying your wax flat on your red sandpaper and moving in a circular motion.

Keep sanding until the wax is 2-3mm thick, this shouldn’t take long!

Step 3

Heat your knife

This a great way of removing large chunks of wax quickly.

WARNING :: You’ll need to be really careful and give it your full concentration.

Push your knife blade out 4 clicks and pull down the safety latch to lock it in place. You’re going to heat up the blade and use it to cut along your sharpie guideline.

Step 4

Cut out your shape

Hold the blade in the flame for 5 seconds, then carefully glide down the guideline. It should cut through very easily, but you may need to reheat the blade and repeat the process a couple of times to get a clean line.

Step 5

Taking shape…

Your design should start to look like this… (below)

Don’t worry if your triangle isn’t perfect we can easily tidy it up with sandpaper!

Step 6

Refine the edges

Use your yellow sandpaper or gold file to smooth the raw edges you’ve just cut, preparing for the next step – adding some lovely lava texture!

Step 7

Heat your tool

This is a super simple way to add beautiful lava texture. As you know from heating your knife, once you put heat on the wax it melts very easily.

So, we’re using the ‘spoon’ tool in the same way. Heat your spoon over your tealight for roughly 5 seconds with your wax design laid flat, ready for texture.

Step 8

Apply lava texture

Start pressing the back of your heated spoon gently onto the surface of your wax design. If you’re unsure of how this will look, test out the technique on a spare piece of wax.

You’ll need to keep heating and repeating the process until you’ve covered the surface in texture.

Step 9

Bit messy? No problem!

If you’re anything like us, your design will have stringy bits of wax all over the show! This often happens when we’re adding lava texture, but don’t worry, we can great little trick to remove these unsightly bits!

Step 10

Flash the wax

The nifty little trick is called ‘Flashing The Wax‘, which entails flashing your design (with tweezers) through the flame very quickly.

This quick burst of heat will remove any unsightly, sharp or splodgy bits of wax. It will also smooth the surface which looks great once the wax is cast into metal and polished.

Step 11

Add your jump ring

Use your Sharpie, (or a chalk pen if your design is discoloured) and mark the tip of the triangle with a dot to indicate where you would like us to add the pendant jump ring.

Step 7

Submit your pendant

The final step is to submit your creation for casting! You can choose to cast in solid silver, add gold plating, diamonds, a chain… whatever you wish!

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