Square Cuff Earring

Square Cuff Earring

Inspired by the incredible All Blues, this beautiful square wire earring is as simple to make as it is minimal using two Extra Large sized ring waxes.

The Plan

We are going to achieve these beautiful earrings with sandpaper to make sure that we get the most control when achieving this shape.

We will firstly create an identical pair of perfectly round circles made from 2x 4mm ring waxes sized XL. Following this, we will cut a gap (roughly 12pm to 4pm) in the same positions on both waxes… and that is quite simply it. Texturise it, mark it, cast it.

Step 1

Plan with a marker


To get started, grab two identical 4mm waxes that are sized XL (or UK size U). If you don’t have a ring wax that is XL, you can roll up your red coarse sandpaper and sand the inside of the ring hole until it is the size you want.

I am using a Sharpie marker to mark a perfect circle around the wax, and where I plan on cutting the gap. Doing it now, I can make sure both waxes are marked the same.

Step 2

Sand it down

Using the red coarse sandpaper, sand the wax down to the black markings. Don’t worry too much about a perfect circle early on, just get the wax off.

When you are nearing the markings, take the sandpaper in one hand and hold the wax in the other. Run the sandpaper round the wax to get a nice circular shape.

Step 3


Earring one done. Rinse and repeat for the second ring wax so that you have a perfectly identical pair or round waxes.

Step 4

Chop the gaps

Hold the two waxes together and mark across both pieces exactly where you will be cutting them to create the gap.

Step 6

Cut the gaps

Using your CAST Carving Knife, cut a straight line where your markings are for each ring wax.

Step 7

Polish to refine

Texturise your earrings however you’d like. This could be a rough brushed texture, it could be hammered, or (in our example) we can create a perfect polished texture.

To achieve a polished texture, use a combination of the gold file and yellow fine sandpaper to polish out any marks and scratches in your wax.

All done! Although the welding part can be a little tricky, with some practice, it quickly becomes second nature. Of course, you can go complete off-piste with how to texture the ring and the top. As ever, the possibilities are limitless.

We can’t wait to see what you make.

Step 8

Mark the earring posts

The very final step is to mark where you would like us to attach the earring posts. To do this, take your marker and simply draw a dot (•) or a small X at the exact location. And then we’re done!

My Earrings

The Final Product

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