Textured Disc Studs

  • Casting Type The Double Luxe
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Time 1 hour

Everyone needs a classic pair of studs, right? 

In this design guide, we’ll show you how to create a beautifully simple pair of textured stud earrings. There’s tonnes of room for experimenting and playing with this design if you fancy going off-piste with texture and shape. 

Step 1

Getting started

Lay your round wax mould on the red sandpaper. We’re going to thin out the wax so it’s nice and light, making it comfortable to wear once cast in silver.

Press your wax down firmly and move in an even circular motion.

Step 2

Sand, sand, sand!

Continue this circular sanding motion until your wax reaches 2 or 3mm in depth.

It’s always good to consider the weight of your design once cast in metal, especially with earrings. It will obviously be much heavier than your wax design.

Step 3

Optional step…

This is an optional step to reduce the size of your earring design. You can keep the perfectly round shape, go smaller, or achieve a more abstract shape if you wish.

Lay your red sandpaper down and turn your wax on its side, sanding the outer edge of your design to your desired shape and size.

Step 4

Curving the edge

Now, tilt your wax to a 45* angle and gentle sand any squared edges. You can do this on both sides of the wax or just one, for a subtle ‘dome’ effect.

Step 5

Refine your design

Once you’re happy with the depth and size of your design, switch the red sandpaper for yellow. This simply smoothes the surface and will give a more polished finish to your design.

Step 6

Smoothing the curve

You can also use the yellow sandpaper on the edge you previously sanded with your red paper. This just creates a smoother finish.

Step 7

Texture time

Heat up the back of your spoon tool for a couple of seconds and then gently press on the surface of your wax, this will instantly melt the wax surface and create a fabulous texture.


Step 8

Repeat the technique

Repeat this technique until you’ve covered the surface with melted texture.

Side thought – adding varying amounts of pressure will give you different textures, so start off gently and you can always add more pressure as you go.

Step 9

Flashing the wax

If you have any spikey or stringy pieces of wax from the melting process, ‘Flashing the wax’ is a great technique to remove those little imperfections and to slightly smooth the surface.

We advise using tweezers if you have some handy. Simply move your wax through the flame very quickly, we’re talking a split second! Being careful not to melt your design or burn your fingers,

Step 10

Earring post

It’s now time to mark the spot where you would like the earring post to be fixed. Turn your wax over so the textured side facing down and use your sharpie to mark a spot on the smooth side. We’ll attach the earring post along with a butterfly back.

At this point, you can either create another earring repeating the process for a slightly mismatched pair, or we can make an identical copy for you!


Step 11

Submit your earrings

The final step is to submit your creation for casting! You can choose to cast in solid silver, add gold plating, diamonds, a chain… whatever you wish!

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