Textured Tag Pendant

  • Casting Type The Classic
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Time 30 minutes

A contemporary and fun take on a classic medallion pendant.

We love the melted texture, gold plate and high shine finish on this slinky little pendant. You can add engraved detail for an extra level of personalisation and even texture to the back to make it reversible!

Step 1

Draw your design

You’ll need your rectangular wax mould as the base for your tag pendant design. Take your sharpie to mark on a slightly smaller rectangle on the mould as a guideline.

Side thought – the size and shape of your tag pendant is totally up to you. You could keep the wax as it is, go a more squared-off shape, or go really small for a minimal vibe!

Step 2

Create your shape

Click your knife up, not forgetting to pull down the lock to keep the blade in place. Lay your wax mould flat on your magazine or  CAST cutting mat, then gently press your knife along your guideline. Don’t worry if this line is slightly rough or wonky, you can level it off with your red sandpaper.

Tip – if you’re finding it hard to cut through your wax with your knife, you can heat up your blade over a tea light. This will enable you to cut through the wax with ease. Just be super careful with this technique. A heated blade requires total concentration.

Step 3

Slim down your design

To ensure your pendant isn’t too heavy once it’s cast in metal, lay it flat on the red sandpaper and move around in a circular motion. This will reduce the depth of your tag pendant. Make sure to keep it flat and apply an even amount of pressure.

Step 4

Refine and polish

To achieve a polished finish, you’ll need to use your yellow sandpaper on the flat sides of your pendant. This may take a little time but will remove any scratches or grains, and once cast and polished will look fab!

Step 5

Carving detail

Take your knife, and carve out small curved chunks around toward yourself. Make your marks on a slight angle, framing your tag pendant with lovely hammered texture.

Step 6

Detail check

Once you’ve carved texture around the edge of your tag pendant, check that it’s even and you haven’t missed any areas. 

Step 7

Optional step

This is one of our favourite little tricks, flashing the wax. It’s a quick and simple way to add shine, soften texture or get rid of any sharp or stingy bits of wax. It looks especially great on a hammered detail.

Hold your design with tweezers and move the textured edge of your tag pendant through your tealight flame very quickly. It’s really important that you don’t hold your design in the flame as it will melt very quickly. You’ll be left with a softened hammered texture that looks fab once cast.

Step 8

Adding a chain

In order to wear your tag pendant on a chain, we’ll need to add a jump ring for your chain to go through. Use your sharpie to mark a clear dot exactly where you would like us to attach the jump ring and chain.

Step 9

Submit your pendant

The final step is to submit your creation for casting! You can choose to cast in solid silver, add gold plating, diamonds, a chain… whatever you wish!

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