The Bubble Ring

  • Casting Type The Classic
  • Difficulty Moderate
  • Time 1 hour 30 minutes

We adore the ‘bubble’ technique. Super simple, tonnes of fun to create, and looks AMAZING when cast in silver!

We really love any design guide that involves melting, dripping, drizzling, blobbing the wax (Yes, we use highly technical terms here at The Makers Table!) Not only is this one of the most satisfying techniques you can achieve with melted wax, but it can also be applied to so many different designs. Time to get creative!

Step 1

Getting started

Take your 8mm ring wax mould (you can also use a slimmer 4mm ring wax). Start by drawing out your guideline with your sharpie. We’re looking to create an oval shape, with slightly more depth to the front of the ring.

Step 2

Planning the shape

If you’re using an 8mm ring wax, it will be chunky! We need to make your design comfortable to wear by slimming down the back of the band. It’s helpful to make out a guideline to help when carving or sanding the initial shape.

Step 3

Sand or carve, you decide!

We’re massive fans of the red sandpaper, it’s a great tool for reducing your wax size in a highly controlled way. This step involves shaping you wax to your basic ring shape. Lay your sandpaper flat and shape your wax up to our sharpie guidelines.

Another option is to use your knife to carve away larger chunks of wax. Carefully click out the blade 3 times, ensuring you’ve locked the blade in place. Then carve carefully carve small chunks away at a time.

You’ll need to take care whilst doing this as your knife is very sharp.

Step 4

Taking shape

Your basic ring should be starting to take shape. Don’t forget to keep a little more depth to the front of your ring (this will be the base of your bubble texture) and use the sandpaper to thin the back of the band so it’s super comfortable to wear. It’s good to keep trying your design as you go to make sure it’s a good fit.


Step 5

Time to refine

Keeping a firm grip on your wax ring design, use your yellow sandpaper to refine the surface of your design. This will mean that your ring will polish up beautifully once cast.

Remember, every beautiful little mark on your design will be perfectly replicated in precious metal, once cast.

Step 6

Looking good!

Your design should be taking shape now. If it still feels slightly chunky, grab your red sandpaper and carefully shape your band until you’re happy.

As always, there’s no right or wrong way to create this piece. So, if you prefer a statement, chunkier design, leave a little more wax there. If you prefer a thinner band, no probs, keep sanding! It’s totally your design.

Step 7

Let’s get melty!

Now for our favourite part… Light up a tealight and place it on your cutting mat. Take your bar wax, or any other offcuts of wax. If you have tweezers, great. If not, watch your fingers.

Hold your wax in the flame for a few seconds, until you see the wax starting to melt. It will change colour and become lovely and glossy!

Step 8

It’s texture time

Use your melty bar wax and very carefully start to drop small ‘bubbles’ onto your wax ring design. Make sure you’re adding texture to the deeper face of your ring (the front!)

Step 9

Building bubbles

To build this lovely bubble texture, simply repeat the process, slowly and carefully added texture by melting your bar wax and dripping onto your ring. We suggest keeping the texture only on the front of your design so it’s comfortable to wear. 

Don’t worry about any sharp or stringy bits of wax, we’ll take care of these in the next step.

Step 10

Flashing the wax

A super handy technique to tidy up any little stray bits of wax which also give a beautiful glossy finish. Simply, move your wax design though the tealight flame very quickly, so it barely touches your design.

The heat from the tealight will remove any unsightly bits, but please be very careful not to melt detail and texture away by holding it in the flame. 

For more guidance on this technique, head over to our quick tutorials.

Step 11

Finishing touches

If you’d like to ensure a smooth finish, take your gold file and use it to smooth the surface of your ring. This means that your design will polish up beautifully once cast in precious metal.

Step 12

Submit your ring

The final step is to submit your creation for casting! You can choose to cast in solid silver, add gold plating, diamonds, engraving… whatever you wish!

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