Thumbprint Pendant

  • Casting Type The Classic
  • Difficulty Moderate
  • Time 30 minutes

We get such a lot of love for thumbprint designs. Could it be any more personal than your own totally unique fingerprint cast forever into bespoke jewellery, made by you?!

Or better still the print of someone you love! This is a super simple technique which can be applied to so many beautiful designs. 

Step 1

Getting started

Option 1: Grab an old glossy mag that you don’t mind getting a wax on, or your CAST Carving Mat. Use your sharpie to mark on the rough shape of your pendant – this is totally up to you! We’re going to use a roughly oval shape.

Option 2: Start with any other piece of wax, for example, the circle wax piece.

Step 2

Optional Step

This step is for those of you that are creating your own shape by melting wax on to a surface. Take a piece of bar wax, and heat it over a candle until it starts to melt. Drip wax into the area you’ve marked on the magazine cover. Repeat until you have a suitable amount of wax there. (2 -3mm thick max)

Step 3

Heating the wax

It is strongly recommended to use a pair of tweezers for this step. Hold the wax over the candle for 5-10 seconds, until the surface looks visibly molten (like lava). Be careful not to overheat, or you will lose your shape.

Place the heated wax down on your magazine or cutting mat and wait a few  seconds before the next step.

Step 4

Press in your impression

After waiting a few seconds for the wax to cool slightly, press your fingerprint softly into the wax. Imagine the force required to press into a pile of flour. Not much at all, right?! That should give you an idea for how hard you need to press into the wax; quick and light.

The wax can be very hot. Be careful not to burn yourself. You should only be touching the wax for a fraction of a second to get a nice fingerprint impression.

Step 5

Clean it up

Now, use the red sandpaper to smooth and refine the shape, followed by the gold file and yellow sandpaper to smooth and polish the surface.

Step 6

Mark for the jump ring

Grab your sharpie and mark a dot where you’d like us to attach the jump ring – so you can wear it on a chain.

Step 7

Submit your pendant

The final step is to submit your creation for casting! You can choose to cast in solid silver, add gold plating, diamonds, a chain… whatever you wish!

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