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Frequenty Asked Questions

CAST Experiences

Is there a minimum number of guests?

Generally speaking, the minimum number of guests we can accommodate is 10. This is not a hard-fast rule though so do get in touch to discuss what you had in mind!

Is there a maximum number of guests?

We can accommodate large groups but our priority is to deliver a quality CAST experience. Get in touch, our team will be happy to discuss your ideas!

Can you come to my house?

Thanks for the invite! In short, the answer is yes. We do require there to be a minimum of 10 guests and the distance we will have to travel will be taken into consideration. We’ve hosted CAST experiences in fields, on boats and in Michelin starred restaurants, want to know more? Get in touch!

Do you cater for specific dietary requirements?

We have a network of fantastic caterers and venues that can cater for all dietary requirements. All we need to know is the number of people with specific dietary requirements, what they are and you can leave the rest to us.

The Rings

Is my ring included in the price?

Yes. Your ring is included in the price as is delivery.

How long until we get our rings?

We endeavour to ensure all rings arrive on your doorstep within three weeks. If you are worried that yours hasn’t arrived then please get in touch with your name and the event that you attended and we will get back to your right away!

What metal are the rings cast in?

All rings are cast in solid 925 Sterling Silver as standard, this is included in the price. However, we can cast in other precious metals all we need to do is weigh your wax once finished and can produce a quote for the extra cost. If Gold and Platinum are your thing then contact us about our Gold and Platinum service. For an extra fee, all guests jewellery pieces will be cast in either Gold or Platinum, for very special occasions!

My ring is the wrong size, can you help?

Absolutely! We don’t make a habit of sending any rings out the wrong size but if you are sure it is not the size you specified then simply get in touch and we can arrange a resize, free of charge.

Why do we make everything in wax, not metal?

Working with wax allows you to be far more creative with your designs. It’s soft, easy to shape and carve and doesn’t require any heat or loud machinery to work with it – it wouldn’t make a very enjoyable dining experience!! You can also make things in wax that would never be possible to make if you were working in metal. So all around better. We use a specialist jewellers wax which ensures that our castings are of the highest possible quality.

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