Let's Get Creative INTRODUCING THE EXPERIENCE CAST is an immersive jewellery making experience hosted in some of the world’s most exciting spaces. Bring your genius,
we'll bring the tools

Play Harder CORPORATE EXPERIENCES An experience
designed to bring
people together
FS Text End to end event management. A fully bespoke CAST event is flexible to you and your team. Jöro Testimonial “A collaborative and creative evening unlike any we have been involved with. We must do this again!” - Luke French
Head Chef & Co-Owner

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A little blurb…

CAST is an immersive jewellery making experience. We provide an unparalleled opportunity to design and create bespoke jewellery pieces at tailored public and private events.

We have designed a process whereby anyone with any level of creativity and skill is able to create something beautiful and totally unique. A jewellery making process that was lost within the confines of a dusty old workshop can now be enjoyed in some of the world’s most exciting spaces.

CAST redefines the way in which jewellery is made and how we socialise with one another. It is highly engaging, challenging, rewarding, creative, collaborative and above all, indisputably fun.