How it works

Let’s Break It Down

The CAST experience is a simple concept

Bespoke pieces are crafted from a specialist jewellers wax, which we provide in several shapes and sizes so to accommodate ring, earring and pendant designs.

CAST Guest is measuring his ring size prior to the wax being resized to fit perfectly.

Incredible Food. Incredible Drinks. Incredible People. Incredible Fun.

At a CAST experience, guests will be shown how to carve a specialist jewellers wax into rings and other jewellery items. There will be a large range of tools at your disposal and our expert team of jewellers will be on hand offering guidance and show you the tricks of the trade. At the end of the night, we take your wax creations back to our workshop and cast them in 925 silver, using a process called lost wax casting.

The castings are then filed, buffed and polished to a world-class standard before being sent back to you in the post. Typically this all takes place while you and your guests are enjoying an exciting array of incredible food and drinks to help get those creative juices flowing. Our service is accommodating, either you provide the venue and your own catering or let us do the hard work. We have a large network of fantastic venues and caterers at our disposal and would be very happy to arrange this for you.

Get Creative. Release your imagination. The wax is versatile and can be carved, shaped and textured using our selection of tools.

A guest carves at her first ring attempt.

We all work better relaxed.

CAST is versatile and can be operated in a variety of different venues and spaces. The experience is amplified when partnered with amazing food and drinks. Get in touch to find out how CAST can be tailored to your specific group’s needs.

You do the creative part, while the venue delivers on an incredible menu.