Bespoke Jewellery Making Kit

Creative bliss.


Create rings, earrings, pendants and more with the bespoke jewellery making kit.

Create Jewellery

Make what you can’t buy

Make solid silver jewellery. Carve and create your own personalised and bespoke jewellery pieces in wax, and we will cast and return your creations in solid sterling silver.

Your ‘little box of creativity’ awaits

Our kits have been hailed the ultimate in-home creative experience, and even delightfully theraputic. Create your collection of truly meaningful jewellery.

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Create in wax
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Create in wax

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Tutorials + Live Masterclasses

Addon Gold, Engraving and More
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Addon Gold Plate, Engraving + more

Create in wax
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Create in wax

Upgrade to Gold and Platinum
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Upgrade to gold + platinum

Nice and simple
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Super-simple Process

Unboxing your Kit

How does the kit work?

Create in wax

The possibilities are huge! Rings, earrings, pendants, charms, cufflinks…

Complete the form

Our online submission form allows you to tell us exactly how we should finish your creation.

Return to us

Drop your wax in the protective tin, and in our freepost* envelope back to us.

Receive in silver

Our team of expert silversmiths will cast and finish your piece in solid sterling silver.

Made by YOU!

We’re constantly wowed by your creations. The best bit? No two pieces are ever the same. There’s no wrong or right way to create – that’s all part of the fun!

We’re here to inspire and help you create the most beautiful bespoke jewellery, with a guaranteed creative buzz. If you ever need us, we’re only two taps away!

Our expert crew

We’ve been lost wax casting for generations

Every wax goes through a strict ancient process of lost wax casting by our expert family-run silversmithing team. Everything is cast in solid 925 sterling silver as standard.

We stand together

Guides, support, tutorials, inspiration…

You’ll never feel lost of overwhelmend with the kit. We have a growing collection of support docs, tutorials and posts to ignite that inner creative.

Replenish your kit

Need More Wax?
No Problem.

Finished your jewellery, and want to make more? Perhaps you just need more wax to experiment? You can purchase a quick and easy refill kit so that the creativity never stops.

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Remote Events

The CAST Experience delivered remotely over the air just for you. Whether it be one-on-one, or a group of friends, our event hosts can guide you through the creation of your pieces.

Live Masterclasses

Join CAST’s creative community with our live workshops! We’re keeping you creative and connected with our bespoke jewellery making kit and workshops live streaming from our Sheffield studio! All you need is a little imagination.

Wedding Rings

Make your wedding rings at home with CAST!
We are experts in helping couples create beautiful bespoke wedding rings from the comfort of your own home. Connect with our hosts over a private live video chat.

6000+ Strong and Growing

Join the Community

We are an eclectic mix of creatives, amateurs, thinkers, dreamers and do-ers. Some say they can’t create, some say they can! Which one are you?

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