Create Jewellery

make what you can’t buy

Make solid silver jewellery. Carve and create your own personalised and bespoke jewellery pieces in wax, and we will cast and return your creations in solid sterling silver.

How it Works

We are a team of professionals, making jewellery and silversmithing for generations.
  • Buy your Kit

    Your kit includes all the tools, wax, guides and help needed.

  • Decide your Jewellery Type

    You can make rings, earrings, pendants, charms, cufflinks…

  • Create in Wax

    Your kit comes loaded with wax moulds that you can design your jewellery pieces in. Use the tools and guides to help.

  • Return to Us

    Complete the online form, pop your wax in the freepost envelope and return to us.

  • Receive in Solid Precious Metal

    Our silversmithing team will lost wax cast your wax in solid 925 sterling silver, finish, polish and return to you in 3-weeks.

Make what you love,
make it your own

Start from the range of blank wax starting shapes, you can let your imagination run wild and free. Recreate your dream jewellery piece, or create something completely new. The possibilities are truly endless.

  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Pendants
  • Charms
  • Necklaces

The creative possibilities are endless.

Using the tools in the bespoke jewellery making kit and a little bit of creativity, these wonderful people easily created some incredible pieces. The beauty is that no two pieces will ever be the same, and each jewellery piece is uniquely personal to you.

Our expert crew

We’ve been lost wax casting for generations

Every wax goes through a strict ancient process of lost wax casting by our expert family-run silversmithing team. Everything is cast in solid 925 sterling silver as standard.

You’re not on your own.

Guides, support, tutorials, inspiration…

You’ll never feel lost of overwhelmend with the kit. We have a growing collection of support docs, tutorials and posts to ignite that inner creative.

Replenish your kit

Need More Wax?
No Problem.

Finished your jewellery, and want to make more? Perhaps you just need more wax to experiment? You can purchase a quick and easy refill kit so that the creativity never stops.

6000+ Strong and Growing

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We are an eclectic mix of creatives, amateurs, thinkers, dreamers and do-ers. Some say they can’t create, some say they can! Which one are you?