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Bespoke Jewellery Making Kit

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Everything you need to design and create entirely bespoke silver jewellery in one beautiful little box. Create some CAST magic, today!

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    The kit includes everything you need to design and create your jewellery pieces in wax.
    You can then cast your wax creations in solid sterling silver from £60. Should we include your first silver casting with this kit?

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    Select a casting type to be included with your kit.
    Click here to see examples of each casting type

    • 60 £
      For standard rings or pendants that weigh up to 1.5g in wax. (most popular).
    • 80 £
      For heavier rings or pendants that weigh up to 3g in wax.
    • 95 £
      For the double earring or cufflink pieces weighing up to 1.0g each in wax.

    Every kit comes complete with a mixed selection of wax shapes. This option is for an additional free pack of waxes to include with your kit. Click here to find out more about the wax shapes

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    The thicker the wax, the more metal is required to cast your jewellery.

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Trusted by over 6000 curious creators

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shaping tools

return tin

guide, freepost envelope, sandpaper

4x wax moulds (mixed) PLUS a wax pack

shaping tools

sandpapers & cast guide

4x wax moulds (mixed) PLUS a wax pack

return tin & freepost envelope

You can configure your jewellery making kit with your exact ring size. Choose from any of the pre-set ring sizes, or choose your own custom UK ring size.

Still not sure? Print off our helpful ring size guide to help you make up your mind. Important: Ensure that you print the page at 100% scale on your printer settings.

‘Wax Moulds’ are what you use to create your jewellery pieces. Carve and shape these pieces into your jewellery creations and return to us. We will then use your wax to lost wax cast your jewellery in solid metal.


Available in any ring size from UK size I in 4mm, 8mm and 12mm thicknesses.


Perfect for pendants and charms.


Perfect for earrings and pendants, or to fix to a ring.


Perfect for pendants and cufflinks

How do I know what ring size to get?
You can select the ring wax moulds in five standard costume jewellery sizes (XS – XL). If you know the specific ring size, you can also select ‘Custom’ and enter the specific UK ring size.
If you are unsure which size to choose from, we have a helpful printable ‘Ring Size Guide’. Please ensure that you print on A4 at 100% scale. You can check this in your printer settings. This is very important.
Alternatively, if you are still unsure and want to be sure, pop to any local jewellery and ask them to check your ring size. It will take 30 seconds and they will be happy to help.
What do I get with the kit?
The jewellery making kit contains a very carefully curated range of tools that will give you the most freedom and creative control when designing and creating your jewellery pieces. In addition to the tools, each kit arrives complete with a selection of wax blanks, a secure postage tin, a free post envelope, coarse and polishing sandpaper, and your cast instruction guide.
You also have access to a vast online collection of inspiration, tutorials and guides to teach absolutely everything you everything that you need to know.
The £29 standard priced kit does NOT include a casting in solid silver. Each casting you choose to make is priced from £60 and payable at the point of submission on our online form.
How many jewellery pieces can I make?
This is a kit with no shelf-life. The tools are not disposable, and have been carefully selected to last. You can make as many jewellery pieces as you like using the kit, and you can fully replenish a kit at any time with the Refill Packs. Can’t decide between two ideas? Now you can make them both!
Can I cast in solid gold or platinum?
You absolutely can. We can cast in ANY solid precious metal, and the pricing is simple. We competitively price your jewellery creation based on its wax weight to make sure the price you pay is fair and accurate to what you have made. Simply select the base metal you’d like when submitting your piece to us, and we’ll provide you with a quote as soon as we receive it back.
Is this safe for children?
The kit contains sharp bladed items and is unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18 to use. However, some elements (i.e. sandpaper) can be used to create. Always ensure adult supervision when anyone under-18 is using the kit.

Since the introduction of the ‘Offensive Weapons Act’ in the UK, all parcels are marked with ‘Bladed Object Enclosed’. We can only hand the parcel over to someone over 18 at the point of delivery.
What is the difference between a 4mm, 8mm and 12mm wax thickness?
We have different wax thicknesses available to give you the freedom to create larger and different types of rings.

For example, a 4mm is the perfect width the start for an elegant or delicate band ring. An 8mm wax is great to use for a chunkier shape or a beautifully tapered signet ring. The freedom to create is yours.
Who casts my wax into metal?
We have an incredibly experienced and talented team based in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. They have been specialist casters and silversmiths for generations working in the UK’s central hub of jewellery. You are truly in the very best of hands.
Is the jewellery included with the kit?
The £29 standard priced kit does NOT include a casting in solid silver. Each casting you choose to make is priced from £60 and payable at the point of submission on our online form.

You have the option to purchase your first casting with the kit from £89. The kit will come with a special code that you enter on the finishing form so that it doesn’t ask you to pay.
I’d like to make more, or I did it wrong? Can I get some more wax?
Yes, yes and YES. The kits are certainly not limited to a single piece. If you have a kit, you can order a refill pack to fully replenish your kit. This includes waxes, tin, freepost envelope and sandpaper. If you’re just in need of some waxes, you can also just order a selection of your choice of waxes.
How long does it take?
To make an item can take as long or as little as you like. We’ve seen it be done in as little as 10 minutes (not recommended, haha) to as much as days or weeks to master their creation.
To cast normally takes around 3 weeks (give or take a few days). This timeline is for simple items with no added extras. In the cast of plating, engraving, stone setting etc the timeline may be slightly extended by a few days to allow for the additional work.
What kind of silver do you use and is it solid?
We cast everything in SOLID 925 sterling silver as standard. This is the minimum spec that we work in. Everyone then has the option to upgrade the base metal to a solid gold or platinum. The price of doing so is done on request and priced dependant on the weight of your wax.
I want to gold plate my jewellery
We have a range of optional services that you can choose from on the jewellery submission form that you complete before returning your wax to us. On here, you can add:
  • Yellow and Rose Gold Plating
  • Internal Engraving
  • Diamond and CZ stone settings
  • Base Metal Upgrade

The Classic  +£60

The most popular option for standard rings, pendants and charms. This standard casting is for single wax jewellery pieces weighing up to 1.5g in wax (roughly the same as a 4mm thick ring wax).

The Statement  +£80

For the chunkier statement ring, pendant or brooch pieces. The heavier casting type is for single wax jewellery pieces weighing up to 2.5g in wax (slightly less than an 8mm thick ring wax).

The Double Luxe  +£95

This casting type covers jewellery pieces that require two individual pieces weighing up to 1.0g each in wax. This includes earrings and cufflinks (trust us, you wouldn’t want them to be much heavier).

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    I bought this as a gift. The recipient loved making her own piece but would have liked a few more tips and tutorials on how to create. As she was doing in at home and not in a class, it would have been nice to have access to something like this on line.

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