The Bespoke Wedding Ring Package

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You’ll receive everything you need to create your bespoke wedding rings at home, in one beautiful little package!

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  • Your Wedding Rings

    What does this involve? Your masterclass is a private video call with a CAST expert to discuss your design, your budget, your kit, how to get started and key techniques and secrets.

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The Package

Two Jewellery Making Kits

The bespoke jewellery making kit* contains everything you need to design your dream wedding rings in jewellers wax.
*Kit does not include finished rings

Remote One-on-one Masterclass

Design consultancy and masterclass with our expert team. Ideas, budget, techniques and support.

Bottomless Wax

If at first, you don’t succeed, we’ve got you. It has to be perfect after all.

The process

  1. Create with Masterclass

    Make together and be supported by CAST.

  2. Submit and Return

    When you’re happy, return your waxes to us.

  3. Create with Masterclass

    We will weigh your wax and quote a price to finish in metal.

Anything is possible.

Whether you are looking for traditional with a twist, something you’ve seen before or realising your dream wedding ring, the kit works.

Remote Masterclass

Join one of our CAST experts to help guide and support you through the entire process. We can discuss budget, techniques, where to start and how best to achieve your dream style.

For rings of all shapes,
and budgets of all sizes.

We can work to cater for all budgets. The price you pay is a true reflection of exactly what you have made, whether it be in silver or solid 18ct gold. You are always in control of your spend.

Once we receive your wax rings, we can weigh your rings to provide you with your final quote.

Prices in silver start from £60 per ring, prices in gold start from £200 per ring.

What is a masterclass?
Your wedding rings will be with you throughout all of life’s greatest adventures. They play a huge role in your wedding and choosing the right ring can be a significant and exhausting process. That’s where we come in.

One part of the Bespoke Wedding Ring package is a design consultation and personalised one-on-one masterclass with one of our CAST team experts.

You can choose the amount of time you need for the call, and can always add on time should you require. During the call, we will take you through everything you need to know when it comes to discussing design options, textures, techniques, metals and budget!

We will get you set up with the kit, take you through each tool and how they are best used to create the perfect rings. We can also show you the best step-by-step route to achieving a design and we will be with you every step of the way.

A CAST masterclass is delivered remotely using Google Hangouts. All you need is a webcam, microphone (most laptops have this built-in) and access to the internet. We will provide you with a unique link to join the call on the day and time of your choosing.
How much do the rings cost?
We cast your wedding rings in any base precious metal that you choose.

As a starting point, all silver wedding rings are £60 each.

Beyond this, all premium base metals (i.e. gold and platinum) are priced based on the weight of the wax. This is important to make sure that you can design and create to your budget (to a target wax weight), and to keep you in full control of cost.

The weight of the wax determines how much metal is required to cast your rings. Once we know this we can provide you with an accurate quote to cast your ring in any precious metal.
I have a budget, how do I stick to it?
When we say you are in control, we mean it. Design and create to your budget by working with a target wax weight. We measure and quote your wax by weighing it to the nearest thousandth of a gram (0.001g). You can explore prices by using our calculator on the submission form to find your target weight.

We’d be very surprised if you have an accurate 0.001g scale knocking around your house. If you do, fair enough! However, if you don’t you can pick them up for around £10.
What if I don’t know the ring size?
This isn’t a problem at all. We have a really really neat trick for resizing your wax yourself to make sure that it fits perfectly. Once we receive your wax, we will measure the size to make sure it is returned to you exactly the same size.

If you wanted to be sure on the size beforehand, you can pop to any jewellery store to measure your ring finger size. If you let us know this size, we can pre-size your wax moulds to make sure they fit from the moment you receive the kits.
What metals do you cast in?
We cast in any base precious metal starting from 925 sterling silver. Below is a full list of our metals:
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • 9ct Yellow Gold
  • 9ct White Gold
  • 9ct Rose Gold
  • 14ct Yellow Gold
  • 14ct White Gold
  • 14ct Rose Gold
  • 18ct Yellow Gold
  • 18ct White Gold
  • 18ct Rose Gold
  • Platinum

As of now, we do not cast in anything other than precious metals. This is because different metals can sometimes requires different processes that we do not offer.

If you have any specific precious metal requests that you’d like to discuss, please feel free to get in touch.
Are my rings included in the £100?
The Bespoke Wedding Ring package does not include the casting of your rings in precious metal. Once you’ve created your wax rings using the kits and with our expert masterclass team, we will weigh and quote you a price to complete upon receiving them back.
Can I get more wax if I mess up?
Absolutely. You can order more wax from the website at any time and they will be sent out to you 1st class.
How long does it take?
Depending on the type of base metal you choose, the process can take from 3-6 weeks to complete. Factors that can affect the time are whether or not the ring is cast using a more common metal (i.e. 9ct golds), if you have added stones or engraving, or if the ring requires any silversmith intervention as per your specification.

We do request a hard deadline on the submission form to make sure that we are clear on any deadlines. If the deadline given is not possible, we will get in contact to discuss options, but in most cases, we will work to achieve it. We wouldn’t want to miss the big day after all…
Who casts the ring into metal?
Our expert UK-based team of casters have been working in this industry for generations. Our team is based in Birmingham’s iconic Jewellery Quarter. They are an incredibly experienced and talented team of casters, silversmiths, stone setters, platers and engravers. Simply put, you are in very very safe hands.
Can I use my own gold?
We do receive this request quite often. We can use the recycled value of your gold based on its weight to credit value off the casting cost of your ring.

We cannot directly use the gold in the casting process, however. This is because we cannot introduce contaminants that may be present in your gold into the full casting canister.

In order to produce a 5g ring, we do require around 50g of metal in order to fill the canister. Because of this, we would likely have to mix your gold with ours. Because we cannot qualify the exact quality of gold, and ensure it is free of contaminants, we cannot compromise the quality of our gold, and subsequently, everyone else’s.

That being said, using your existing gold to contribute towards the cost of creating a new gold jewellery piece can also be a special thing to retain its sentimentality.

If you have any questions about this, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss.

shaping tools

return tin

guide, freepost envelope, sandpaper

4x wax moulds (mixed) PLUS a spare ring moulds

shaping tools

sandpapers & cast guide

4x wax moulds (mixed) PLUS a ring moulds

return tin & freepost envelope

You can configure each wedding ring making kit with your exact ring size. Choose from any of the pre-set ring sizes, or choose your own custom UK ring size. If you do not know your ring size, don’t worry, we will show you how to resize your waxes yourself.

Still not sure? Print off our helpful ring size guide to help you make up your mind. Important: Ensure that you print the page at 100% scale on your printer settings.

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