Sketch London


We at CAST hosted another sell out event, this time at the iconic venue Sketch London…


The striking gallery inside Sketch’s Parlour designed by India Mahdavi including artwork from David Shrigley created an ideal, authentic environment which resulted in a unique experience to create bespoke jewellery.

The event which sold out in under twelve hours combined cocktails, conversation and creativity to accompany an evening free from outside-world social and digital distractions.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

Sketch allows guests to explore and embrace uniqueness creating an exclusive environment where creativity is encouraged. The extraordinary and quirky atmosphere spread throughout Sketch connects our belief that creativity is born out of social interaction. Our aim for people to learn new skills whilst creating lasting memories and to socialise in a new and stimulating way went above and beyond expectations, producing monumental memories was certainly achieved during the event.

Don’t believe us? Have a read…

“It just doesn’t get any better” – Mark Burton, CAST Guest

“A collaborative and creative evening unlike any we have been involved with. We must do this again” – Luke French, Head Chef and Co-Owner, Joro

“An amazing opportunity to meet great people, eat some off-the-menu food and drink way too much wine- if you haven’t done it yet, why not?” – Ellie Greenfield, CAST Guest











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