Getting Started

We’re here to make sure you have the most wonderful creative experience with your CAST kit. Come with us on this little journey through the quickfire need-to-knows, and you’ll be ready and raring to make beautiful bespoke jewellery!

First things first

You’ll need to register your kit using the code found on the first page in your guide book.

Getting to know your kit

Your kit includes excellent quality shaping tools, a great selection of jewellers wax, all the guides, inspo and help you’ll need to get started.

Carving Knife

Ideal for carving the wax and creating a wide variety of textures (i.e. hammered)

Steel Shaping Tools

Perfect for heating and melting textures into the wax

Gold File

For etching and engraving detail into the wax, and filing out scratches and marks.

Protective Tin

To keep your wax safe and protected during transport.


Red / Coarse – Remove wax quick
Yellow / Fine – Polish and refine up that wax

Freepost Envelope

A prepaid envelope for our UK domestic customers to return your waxes safe and sound to us.

How does it work and what am I doing?

What am I doing?

You are going to create solid jewellery designs in wax, that we will later ‘lost wax cast’ in solid precious metal. Using the tools in the kit, (and anything you can creatively use and find around the house) you can carve, melt, shape and mould these pieces of blue specialist wax in to ring designs, pendants, earrings, brooches, cufflinks, pet tags and more!

How does it work?

Using the tools, you can go wild and free with your blue wax jewellery creations. Once you are happy with your wax jewellery piece, you can use the enclosed tin, envelope and online submission form and return it to us.

Upon receiving your wax, we will cast it in solid sterling silver (or your chosen base precious metal) using an ancient process called ‘lost wax casting’. We will then finish your jewellery to your chosen specification, and return to your front door.

As simple as that.

Get inspired

Some of us like to sketch ideas first, some like to get stuck straight in! Take a look at ‘The Makers Table’ for top tips on inspo, tutorials and creating the dreamiest workspace.

Share your Journey

We absolutely LOVE seeing your creations, your workspace and works in progress!

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When you have made something

  1. Pop your wax in your tin
    If you have a delicate design, use some tissue or light padding to protect your piece when in transit.
  2. Put your tin in your freepost envelope, and seal.
    The freepost envelope is for UK returns only. If you are returning internationally, there may be a postal charge to pay.
  3. Complete the online submission form
    This is the most important step. It tell us exactly how to finish your jewellery, and where we should return it to.
  1. Drop it in the post, back to us.
    Make sure your envelope is secure, and pop it in the post back to us at CAST HQ. You’ll receive a notification once we have received it.