Celestial Pendant

  • Casting Type The Classic
  • Difficulty Advanced
  • Time 1 hour 30 minutes

This starry little pendant has got it all…

Intricate star details, dainty diamonds, and gold plate finish. This will add a little sparkle to your Autumn wardrobe and some serious carving skill to your jewellery making repertoire!

Step 1

Design your shape

We love finding new and interesting ways to use the wax in your kit. The ring wax can be used as the based to make many other designs, not just rings!

We’re using a 4mm ring wax as the base for this pendant design. You’ll need to draw a guideline with your sharpie which follows the inner ring, with slightly more space to the bottom. Take a look at the image for more guidance.

Step 2

Slim down the wax

As this pendant design is quite dainty and slim, so you’ll need to reduce the depth of your wax by 1mm- or so. It’s super easy, just lay your red sandpaper down on your cutting mat or an old magazine. Pop your wax flat and apply pressure, sanding in circular motions. You’ll start to notice your wax design slimming down.

Step 3

Shape the wax

In order to shape your wax up to your guideline, keep your sandpaper in place on your mat, tilting the wax on to it’s side. Start sanding up to the black guideline.

Step 4

Taking shape

The base of your pendant design should start to take shape now.

Step 5

Getting there…

Well done! All that sanding is starting to pay off. Your design should start to look like this, below.

Step 6

Soften the edges

Often the red sandpaper can create rough edges and corners. Grab the yellow sandpaper and sand the edges of your design, this will create a slightly curved edge and smooth the texture of your design.

Step 8

Plot your detail

When you’re happy with your smoothed and sanded design, take your sharpie and mark on dots where you’d like to add the star detail. We’ve marked 5, but you can simplify with one or 3, it’s totally up to you!

Step 7

Optional step

If you’re still noticing rough areas of wax, use your fine gold file to work those awkward edges. This should be everything smoothed up nicely!

Step 10

Adding your chain

In order to add a chain to your pendant, we need to know where you’d like your jump ring attaching. Simple use your sharpie to make a black dot at the top of your design.

You can always include a quick sketch of your design when submitting your wax, along with any annotations or details you’d like us to know.

Step 9

Star details

You’ll need your knife for this step. Push the blade up 4 notches, ensuring you’ve pulled down the small black lock, so the blade stays in place when applying pressure.

Note – please take lots of care when using the knife. It’s super sharp and requires full concentration.

The carving of your star detail takes a little practice. We would advise you to practice on a spare piece of wax, before adding detail to your pendant design. 

Start by gently placing the tip of your knife onto your black sharpie dot, then lower the blade into the wax at a shallow angle, pressing gently. Slowly rotate the blade of your knife, keep the point of your knife fixed on the black dot. The aim is to create a shallow groove, removing a slither of wax for each point of your star. Repeat this 5 times for each star.

Step 12

Ta Daaaa!

Although this design is quite intricate, it doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’. And now you know how to carve star detail, you can add them to tonnes of other designs!

Step 11

Adding sparkle

If you’d like to add ethical stones or diamonds to your design, it’s super easy! Again, use your sharpie to make a black dot. We’ve opted to set a stone in the central star.

Step 13

Submit your pendant

The final step is to submit your creation for casting! You can choose to cast in solid silver, add gold plating, diamonds, a chain… whatever you wish!

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