Five Reasons Why You Should MAKE Your Own Wedding Rings

Your Wedding Rings will be with you through all of life’s great adventures, so it’s only right that they start with a ‘love story’ of their own…

To date, we have cast over 30,000 customer creations, and helped hundreds of wonderful couples all around the world, ditch cliché, mass-produced Wedding Rings, in favour of beautiful, bespoke Wedding Rings, bursting with THEIR personality!

Making your Wedding Rings, whether that be in our Sheffield-based Studio, or at home with our Wedding Ring Kit is the PERFECT way to make sure that you are over the moon with your creations, and with our expert design team, you are in the safest of safe hands.

Here are five reasons why you should MAKE your Wedding Rings 🪄

1. Your rings will be personal to you

Your Wedding Rings will be with you for life, so they should reflect your personality and style. By hand-carving your very own wedding bands, you are in total control of what you make. From classic styles with hidden details, to organic shapes and textures with dazzling stones. Anything goes! Finished with your own individual quirks and hidden details, such as adding your partners’ fingerprint to the band (personal fave), as well as the option to add stones and engravings, you’re guaranteed to love what you make.

Personal to you, personalised by you.. It doesn’t get any more bespoke than that!

2. Your wedding rings will be the only pair in existence, EVER

This, to me, is the coolest part of what we do here at CAST and it makes the process of making your own Wedding Rings even more special. You’re not only hand-carving your Wedding Rings, you’re carving an entirely unique and sentimental heirloom, all at the same time!

Every wedding ring created is totally unique and exactly as you envisioned. Whether you want to make a ring that will fit perfectly around your engagement ring, or incorporate your own stones into a design, the ring that you create will be completely unique to you. One-of-one, 100% bespoke and utterly beautiful.

3. You can make each other’s rings, which we think is magical

Planning a wedding can be stressful at times and making your own Wedding Rings together gives you and your partner a chance to take some time out to remember why you’re getting married and celebrate your love for one another by creating something utterly unique. It’s such a fun and creative experience that you can share together and also an opportunity to learn a new skill and bond over a shared experience.

However you decide to create your rings, the experience in itself is breathtaking and something to be shared together, forever.

4. You can make your ring fit with your engagement ring

This is something that we know a lot of couples struggle with, finding rings that fit around uniquely-shaped engagement rings. The beauty of making your own wedding rings is that you can design and handcraft your Wedding Ring so that the two sit perfectly together. You can quite literally hand-carve the exact shape you want no matter how obscure the design.

Problem solved!

5. It’s super easy – you need ZERO skill or experience!

The best bit about this, is that anyone can do it. It may sound daunting, but one of the best parts about creating your own Wedding Rings is that you don’t need any experience, creativity or skill at all to make the rings of your dreams.

With our incredible design team and step-by-step guides, creating your own wedding rings has never been easier. From the beginning of plotting your design ideas to the physical making of your Wedding Rings, you’ll never be on your own throughout the process! Our expert design team will be on hand to guide, advise and help you every step of the way.

People are sometimes nervous about creating something so important, but trust us, once you’ve received your rings back, you will question why you ever doubted yourself.

Put it this way, you can create pretty much anything with the right tools, expertise and a dose of imagination!

We’d LOVE to chat all things Wedding Rings with you, so feel free to book a call with Molly below to answer any questions or queries you might have!

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