How To Choose Your Wedding Rings

At CAST, we’re shaking things up with a modern and creative approach to the Wedding Ring market. We’ve helped hundreds of style-savvy couples create future heirlooms in our cosy Sheffield Studio and from home, with our award-winning Wedding Ring Kit. Both options offer full design support from start to finish as well as advice on how to choose the best fit for you!

We’re experts when it comes to designing and hand-crafting one-of-a-kind, high-quality Wedding Rings for those looking for something extra special to cherish forever.

Choosing Your Dream Rings

With so many details to consider for your wedding day, knowing how and where to start looking for the perfect wedding ring can feel a little overwhelming. We are here to share our expert tips on what to consider when choosing your wedding rings, and, most importantly, how to swerve the cliché, mass-produced rings, in favour of bespoke rings with genuine meaning.

Deciding Your Budget

If you start your wedding ring search with a budget in mind, the rest of the process should be much more enjoyable. This means you can fall in love with your rings rather than panicking about creeping costs. Here at CAST, we give you control over your budget.

All of our base metal upgrades are based on the wedding ring you actually design and make, rather than us blanket costing every piece. This gives you control over your budget and offers the freedom to play around with the design and see what works best for you. Your rings are entirely unique but bespoke doesn’t always have to mean breaking the bank. Our expert team will help you create your dream rings to align perfectly with your budget and style.

Your Rings, Your Style

Choose a style you love. You’re going to be wearing your wedding rings for many years to come so it’s important they make your heart sing. Whether you’re choosing to make your own wedding rings, or opting for a more traditional approach and buying off the shelf, it’s always good to start by finding a wedding ring style you love.

Here at CAST, we offer full design support from the word go, starting with a free consultation. We’ll talk you through the process, design ideas and budget, as well as answer any questions you may have before you start making. You also have access to one-to-one design support throughout the making process. You can look at our amazing archive of inspiration to help find your style. Building a mood board can be a great place to start plotting your ideas out and luckily for you, we’ve built a Wedding Ring inspo board to help (you can thank us later..)!

Get Personal

Aside from the wonderful memories of the big day, your rings are the physical things you’ll carry with you forever. If you’re buying off the shelf, there are a couple of simple ways you can personalise your rings. For example, adding engravings of your special date or initials to your wedding bands is an easy way to customise them.

When it comes to designing and making your wedding rings yourself, the scope to personalise is limitless! Here at CAST, we offer endless ways to personalise your rings, adding unmatchable sentimental value which results in a truly unique piece. From incorporating heirloom Gold or stones, to imprinting your partner’s fingerprint on the inside of the band (a personal favourite of ours), your wedding rings will end up being the most special piece of jewellery you’ll ever own. Plus, the process itself is a memory to cherish forever. Make them memorable and personal to you.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Match your rings with your lifestyle. If, for example, you have a pretty hands-on job or are unable to wear lots of jewellery in your day-to-day life, you’ll want to avoid huge statement diamond settings and probably opt for a harder-wearing base metal, such as Platinum. Here at CAST, we offer a range of metals with varying carats to give you the option to find the perfect metal for you and your lifestyle. Choosing a ring that best suits your lifestyle is important, particularly as you’ll be wearing your rings everyday. You want your wedding rings to last. After all, you’ll be wearing them through all of life’s adventures!

We’d love to be part of your story, so get in touch below to discuss your Wedding Rings!

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