Initial Charm Pendant

  • Casting Type The Classic
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Time 30 minutes

Simple, chic and super personalised, this charm pendant is an everyday fave.

This simple design process can be applied to a coin ring, stud earrings or even a bracelet charm. You can also add textured detail to the flip side of your design, making your pendant multi-wear!

Step 1

Getting started

Start with your circle wax. To make this slim and dainty piece, you’ll need to reduce the depth of the design which will also reduce the weight once cast – making it perfect for a light minimal chain. Lay your circle wax flat on red sandpaper, apply some pressure and move in circular motions. This will help you sand your design evenly. 

Step 2

Shaping your wax

Once you’ve taken a little depth and weight out of your wax, tilt your design at  rough 45* angle and smooth off the edge of your circular wax shape. The idea is to soften the shape and remove any coarse edges.

Step 3

Refine your design

Take your yellow sandpaper and smooth the surface of your wax design. You may find it easier to pick up your wax, rather than using it flat on your cutting mat. 

You’ll notice the small scratches from the red sandpaper start to disappear. This will help give your design a smooth polished finish once cast in precious metal. 

Step 4

Plan your detail

It’s always great to give yourself a sharpie guideline when adding engraved detail. We’ve used a simple letter ‘R’ but there is no end to the detail you could add. Take a look at our Etched trend board for tonnes more inspiration.

Step 5

Engrave your detail

Using the tip of your gold file, carefully etch along your sharpie guideline, dusting away the excess wax as your go. Take your time and remember, any slight mark made will be perfectly replicated in precious metal when your wax design is cast.

If you make a mistake or could like to start again, absolutely no problem. Simply grab your red sandpaper and buff out any engraved detail, followed by smoothing with your yellow sandpaper and you’ll have a blank canvas to work on!

Step 6

Final touches

Once you’re happy with your engraved letter or pattern, let us know where you’d like your pendant jump ring to be placed. Simple used your Sharpie to make a small dot at the top. We can either add a whole with jump ring detail or a fixed loop to the top.

You can always add a note to your submission to give us a little more detail.

Step 7

Submit your pendant

The final step is to submit your creation for casting! You can choose to cast in solid silver, add gold plating, diamonds, a chain… whatever you wish!

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