Mini Bar Studs

  • Casting Type The Double Luxe
  • Difficulty Moderate
  • Time 1 hour 30 minutes

These bar studs are super chic, great for every day, with a very lovely personal detail.

Carved, sanded, melted and thumb printed, these little studs have got lots of lovely techniques to play around with, which can easily be applied to other jewellery creations. 

Step 1

Prepping your bar wax
For the first step, you’ll need your bar wax and your red sandpaper. Lay your sandpaper on you cutting mat or an old magazine, then pop your bar-shaped wax flat on top.
The aim here is to thin the wax from 4mm to 2mm using circular sanding motions, ensuring your design is comfortable to wear once cast into metal and not too bulky.

Step 2

One becomes two
Once you’re happy with the depth of your bar wax, find the mid-point. Your bar should be roughly 5cm long so you’re looking at around 25mm – you can easily estimate this by eye.
Now use your knife to chop your bar in two.
At this point, you can choose make two totally different earrings or create one, which we’ll duplicate for a perfect pair.
We love the mismatched vibe so we’ll be making different earrings!

Step 3

Repeat the process
Repeat the process, heating the tool and covering half of the bar surface with melted texture.

Step 4

Adding melted texture
Take your spade shaping tool – the one with a flat end. Heat it up over the candle flame for a couple of seconds, then place it onto one end of the wax. It’ll melt the surface very easily so just add gentle pressure.

Step 5

Heating up the wax
We advise using tweezers if you have some handy. The next step is heat up the blank area of wax, next to the melted texture, this is where your thumb impression will go.
Hold your wax above the flame for a couple of seconds. Be careful not to melt your bar, we just want to soften the surface. Then lay on your cutting mat, heated side facing up.

Step 6

Add your thumbprint
After waiting a few seconds for the wax to cool slightly, press your finger or thumbprint softly into the wax. Imagine the force required to press into a pile of flour. That should give you an idea for how hard you need to press into the wax; quick and light.
The wax can be very hot. Be careful not to burn yourself. You should only be touching the wax for a fraction of a second to get a nice fingerprint impression.

Step 7

Flash the wax
Sometimes when you’re applying a melted texture with your shaping tools, you can get spikey, stringy pieces of wax. The best way to remove these bits is to flash the wax. This involves, moving the wax through the flame very quickly smoothing any unsightly bits.

Step 8

Marking the earring backs
Flip over your designs, and with your sharpie mark a clear black dot where you would like the earring back fixed. Make sure you’ve marked at the correct end, whichever you decide is top or bottom.

Step 9

Submit your earrings

The final step is to submit your creation for casting! You can choose to cast in solid silver, add gold plating, diamonds… whatever you wish!

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